Family Dinners are Good for the Body and Soul

Image courtesy of Psychology Today

Image courtesy of Psychology Today

When Mrs. Obama appeared on the “Today” show last week, she voiced what many parents know intuitively – eating with your family is good for the body and the spirit of all family members. As she told reporter Jenna Bush, “Family dinners are absolutely important. Barack and I have tried to hold fast to the family dinner…that’s the time that you get to hear little things in the voice of your kids that might be wrong or right. You can check their temperatures. It’s a great opportunity for Barack to forget about the worries of the world he carries around, and we can just be a family.”

In her commitment to lowering skyrocketing obesity rates, Mrs. Obama has been getting the message out for the past 5 years to eat more healthily and to get moving. She advocates that parents make simple changes at the dinner table (the same effective ones she made years ago when her pediatrician expressed some concern about her daughters’ weight) – eating more fruits and vegetables, eliminating processed and sugary foods, and cooking at home.

Find out what I have to say about Mrs. Obama’s approach, and the science behind the benefits of family dinners, on Psychology Today.

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