Press for Dr. Anne Fishel and Home for Dinner

Dr. Fishel discusses family meals and her work with The Family Dinner Project in Boston Magazine: The Family Dinner Project is Trying to Spread the Benefits of Family Meals

Home for Dinner review in The Chicago Tribune: Get Family Talking at Mealtimes

Home for Dinner review in Huntington News: An Impossible Dream: Having Family Members Get Together for Meals?

Real Moms, Real Views review of Home for Dinner: Eat Together for a Happier, Healthier New Year

Dr. Fishel’s interview with The Washington Post: Taking the Stress Out of Family Dinners

Dr. Fishel talks with Good Housekeeping about connecting with children: Start Talking: The Power of Storytelling


Praise for “Home for Dinner”

This transformative book will change your family’s life for the better.   With persuasive research and delightful stories, Dr. Fishel offers solutions that any parent can put into place at home, around the table. You must read Home for Dinner…and so should every family therapist in America.

Michael Thompson, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and New York Times best-selling co-author of Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Lives of Boys

There are magical opportunities for tenderness, courage, healing, laughter– and almost everything else it means to be human– when the people we love come together to eat the food we love. This remarkably wise, engaging, lovely book is an invaluable guide to all of us in creating this magic.  Give yourself the pleasure of reading it and join The Family Dinner Project.

Richard Weissbourd, Faculty Director of the Human Development and Psychology Program, Harvard Graduate School of Education and author, The Parents We Mean to Be

Home for Dinner offers a feast of insights, hands-on advice, and mouth-watering recipes that will equip readers to turn the necessity of eating into an opportunity for growing family relationships, building children’s intelligence and social skills, and nourishing healthy bodies and minds. Research-based, story-sprinkled, and supremely practical—an enlightening read.

Abigail Carroll, author of Three Squares: The Invention of the American Meal

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