Dr. Fishel in New York State

New_York_state_flagDr. Fishel is excited and pleased to be traveling to New York State in the upcoming week. She’s looking forward to speaking at two events:

  • Parenting Lecture Series at the Town School, April 28, 2015. Dr. Fishel will be meeting with parents for an in-depth discussion of the research and best practices covered in Home for Dinner. The session will focus on family dinner as a key component of contributing to healthy development – both physically and socio-emotionally – throughout all stages of childhood, as well as how a positive mealtime dynamic can have beneficial impacts on all members of a family.
  • 15th Annual Women’s Health and Fitness Expo, May 2, 2015. Dr. Fishel will lead a seminar entitled How to Get the Most out of Your Family Dinners: Eat Well, Play, Talk, Experiment, and Engage with the Wider World, in which she’ll offer her perspectives as a family therapist, working parent, and community organizer to help participants create more meaningful mealtime experiences. Storytelling, playing with your food, and using the time spent cooking and eating together to spark deeper conversations and acts of social engagement will be particular highlights of this session with Dr. Fishel.

For more information about other appearances and upcoming events featuring Dr. Fishel, visit the Events page.

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