Dr. Fishel on the Radio

radio headphonesOn April 14, 2015, you’ll have two opportunities to hear Dr. Fishel offer her expert advice and opinion about family mealtimes. She’ll be appearing on two separate radio broadcasts to promote Home for Dinner and discuss how families can improve their connections around the dinner table, and why doing so matters. Tune in to either (or both!) of the following shows to hear her thoughts:

  • From 2-2:30 PM, hear Dr. Fishel exchange views with Stuart Roth of Salt and Light Radio. Mr. Roth bills his show as a platform for “addressing many of the social, economic and spiritual issues confronting families and individuals.” Dr. Fishel will discuss how family dinner fits into the picture, and what individual families can do to strengthen their bonds through shared meals.
  • From 6:00-7:00 PM, Dr. Fishel will join Virginia Colin of the Family Matters Talk Radio Show to discuss how family dinners can be part of the framework for a positive home life and how shared mealtimes can help families thrive.

For more information on other upcoming appearances by Dr. Fishel, both on the radio and in person, visit the Events page.

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