Building Resilient Kids, One Story at a Time

familytreeFor me, the best part of being a family therapist is hearing family stories. These are the intimate, sometimes painful, often hilarious connecting threads in the fabric of a family’s identity.

For kids, it’s fun and interesting to hear their relatives’ tales of daring deeds, of mischief and heroism, of triumph over adversity, and of getting through life’s rough patches. These stories can amuse, inspire, and expand for children the repertoire of what is possible in their own lives. During the last decade, research has also uncovered an extra bonus to the benefits of family storytelling: According to data from Emory University’s Center for Myth and Ritual, children who grow up knowing their family’s stories are more resilient and suffer from less anxiety and depression. It’s like learning that eating dessert is good for you!

Over the years, in my work with families as a psychologist, I have fielded several questions about the connection between sharing family stories and mental health. Here are the questions I am most frequently asked…

Read the full article on The Family Dinner Project

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